Alex is not the ordinary child you would've though just by looking at her. First of all, why does she have a boy-girl name? Why does she have boy-ish hair? Well, she has a big brother, Jamie, which her parents adore. So, don't fool yourself, she is a girl, but her parents are so obsessed with Jamie, so they decided that Alex has to have the same hair style as her brother, and she has to have a boy-girl name. Other than that, she is a lovely girl. She has lots of friends at school and she often plays with her friends after school and homework.
They make plans at school, where they are going to meet, because it is a long way for a call. First they have to call in to a office, which can then call to the friends' house. It is a nightmare going that way, that is why they just plan it at school.

She often hangs out with Arnold. He always makes her laugh, but most importantly he told her she looked pretty with her short hair. From then, she has had a crush on him.

Alex' letter to Santa, Christmas 1975
Alex' book report, spring 1976
Love letter to Arnold
Drawing by Alex

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