Name: Arnold aka Mr. Funnyguy
Age: 8
Class role: Class clown
Hobby: likes playing pranks on Mrs. Rankin
Arnolds relationship with Mrs. Rankin : They like eachother, but Arnold can be a bit too much sometimes.
The teacher thinks that Arnold is a troublemaker
Arnold likes school, but he doesnt understand why he can't learn as easily as the other pupils. He likes to have class discussions, and he hates to read books.
Assistant: Arnold has his own assistant called Mr. Olsen. Olsen helps Arnold to manage school.
Arnolds favorite jokes are the "your mom jokes", he tells Mrs. Rankin one mom joke at the start of every lesson. Resulting in him gettin detention.
He comes from a non-christian but wealthy family, and that does not go down to well with mrs. Rankin, because she is a very christian woman who goes to church every sunday. That affects her way of teaching as well.
Arnold does not have a good relationship with Todd, as he thinks he is the freak of the class.
This often result in them fighting after school.
Arnold is a sports guy. He likes fotball (the American type, not soccer), he also likes baseball. He has the school record of 174 homeruns in one season.

Arnold's best "Your mom"-jokes
Arnold's best pranks
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