George is the teacher's pet. He is always on time, he always does his homework and he is always polite. He has some friends and one best friend: the neighbor's dog. His parents are hard-working people that help him with his school work and are very involved with his school-activities (mostly his mom).

George likes to wear nice clothes. He loves wearing different shirts, and sometimes he puts on a bow tie because he knows that Mrs Rankin thinks it is sweet. On Mondays he always brings a big read apple from the apple tree in his family´s garden to give to Mrs Rankin. What George dosen't know is that Mrs. Rankin doesn't like the apples. She feels they are quite sour, so she takes them home and uses them in her apple pies.

Once, George got a C- on one of his tests. It was the worst day of his life (even worse than when his grandmother died). He cried for weeks and weeks, and wouldn´t even eat ice cream.

George loves cakes. His mum makes him a proper lunch everyday, which he enjoys every bite of. When they have P.E he hates life. The only sport he's ever been good at is wrestling, however, his mum doesn't think that's suitable for a boy coming from an upper middle class-family. He must therefore attend pianolessons at Ms. Violetta once a week. Ms. Violetta is the most beautiful human being George has ever seen, so despite him hating playing the piano, he think he loves Ms. Violetta.

His mom is the typical ''soccer-mom'' and his dad is the typical ''read-the-newspaper-dad'' that dosen't say all that much. His mom is a stay-at-home-mom and she is always well-dressed and groomed. George has one sibling - a younger sister called Grace. She, like George, does well in school and is the head cheerleader in her class.

George loves rocks, he loves to polish them, collect them, and create little imaginary families he plays around with.

Report Card Grade 2, June 1976
George's Collection of Favourite Cakes
The Rock Family Tales (written by George, age 8)

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