Letter 3 03 30 1976

Dear God,
I am writing to you in this moment of time because I did something really terrible at school today. I am afriad to tell my mother and father about this, so I kind of hoped it would be easier writing to you about it. You are not really here to judge me, at least that is what I have heard. You are here to take care of me, to look out for me and make sure I am safe, and if I am not, you will find a way to help me. Mother says that you, God, will always be there for me, no matter what..at least that is what I wish and hope for.

Ok, but let me tell you about the thing I did. I am usually a very nice girl, I do the things I am told to do, but this time, in class I just did not want to do it. Mrs. Rankin told me to pair up with Todd on a school prodject in social science, but I just could not do it. He is the bad guy, and it is not safe for me to be around or talk to people like that. He is no good for me, so I told Mrs. Rankin this, and Todd heard it. He was not meant to hear that, but he did. He got really mad at me, and I felt sorry for him in a way, so I understood that he had feelings after all, but he is still a boy I cannot work with. I am sorry, God. Can you forgive me? And that is not all, but I am too scared to tell anybody about the sescond thing I did. That is for me to live with and for me to forget. I am so sorry, God. I will write to you againn soon.


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