Maria is from a Mormon family. They like her to wear decent dresses to school. Maria does not mind: she is fond of dressing up in nice clothes. They are often white for some reason. The only problem is that she also likes sports: rugby, soccer, tennis and bicycling. These sports cannot be performed in nice clothing and her family thinks sports are just for boys. Her family goes to church every sunday and Maria likes to go because she can meet her friends there, but she has a big secret that she can't tell anyone; she doesn't really believe in God. If Maria tells her family this they would send her to a christian boarding school, to "save her life" and make her believe in god again.

Maria is very close to her family. She lives with her father, two mothers and five siblings. Her oldest sister, Grace, has run away from home to start a modelling career. Maria sometimes likes to be alone, but it can be quite difficult to find a quiet place in the full house. Her parents say she has to pray to God every day and talk to him, even though he often does not answer.

Maria's psalm
Maria's letters to God

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