Mrs Rankin

Mrs Dolores Rankin is 35 years old. She is married to Donald Rankin, a banker. She has no children but she really wants some of her own. She is like a second mum to her whole class at Rowdrunners Elementary School, but she feels it is time for a little Rankin or two. She does have a dog named Gyp, though.

Mrs Rankin has a passion for baking, especially pies. She has won several contests. She goes to the hairdresser every week, the saloon is called Big Hair Beauty Saloon and her favourite hairdresser is Rita.

Every summer Mrs Rankin and Mr Rankin go on a holiday to Tennessee.

She is having an affair with the headmaster of the school, Doug Snippet.

Love letter from Doug to Dolores, January 1, 1976
Dolores' diary, spring 1976
Receipt from Big Hair Beauty Saloon
Holiday postcard from Tennessee
Dolores' pie recipes

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