The Rock Family Tales

The Rock Family a sunday at the beach.

The Rock Family went to the beach. Daddy Rock and Mummy Rock went for a swim. Big Brother Rock was so bored, having to look after his Baby Sister Rock. He really wished he had a Baby Brother Rock instead. He left his Baby Sister Rock and took a walk around the beach. It was so many Rocks out playing today! He saw a Boy Rock rolling around in the fine sand a few yards away, and thought, hey, him I'm going to take home with me and have as my special Brother Super Rock. When he came back he realised that the Boy Rock and his Baby Sister Rock were very similar, and he got an idea…

The rest of the Rock Family never realised that Baby Sister Rock were switched with the new special Brother Super Rock, and they all lived happily ever after. Especially Big Brother Rock, not only had he gotten a new brother, he had also gotten a new best friend.

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