Todd has a difficult home life, his father Eddie is an alcoholic and will usually use his belt to discipline Todd when he feels he desvers it. Unfortunatel for Todd when his father is drunk this is just about all the time.
His mother is not of much help, she works as a stripper at the local strip club. Other kids usually bully Todd because of this. His mother is not of much help at home, when she comeshome she usually just watches TV. She doesn't interfere when his father goes into a drunken rage, either she doesn't care what he does or she is simply looking out for herself. To Todd this is seen as his mother abandoning him.

The only time where Todd is safe is when he's at school, he can take the bullying, it is nothing compared to what he experiences at home, but the other children stil annoy him. When he's in class he doesn't have to be afraid of his dad, so his mind wanders and he loses all touch with reality. He fantasies about what it would be like to be stronger than his father, to be able to fight back. Mrs. Rankin does not like it when Todd drifts off and regularly sends letters home to his parents about it, which makes his father irate and the whips out his belt, and so the cycle continues.

Every now and then Todd goes to the woods behind his house, there he usually finds some bugs or small animals to exert his power over. He usually pokes bugs or mice with sticks he finds lying around.

Todd had an early trauma when he was 5 years old involving three 13 year old kids shoving him in a garbage container and pushing him down a hill towards a lake. He could not swim and nearly drowned from the accident. He is very careful around pools and beaches and does not like being sprayed by water.

Mrs Rankin's note to Todd's parents, March 1976
Mrs Rankin's note to Todd's parents, April 1976
Mrs Rankin's note to Todd's parents, May 1976

Incident at Cherrytown Lake, August 12, 1973 (Police Report)
Todd's fairy tail, June 1976
Todd's Drawing

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